existent. He was like a changed dog but still had plenty of his loveable character. It takes the job of initial training for your dog off your hands. K9 TRAINING SERVICES - K9 BEHAVIOURAL SPECIALIST - Contact Us - London Dog Trainers,CFBA CIDBT Advanced Instructor Skills Certified,Common Canine Behavior Certified Trainer,help with Behavioral Problems,Puppy Training,NASDU Instructor/Trainer,NASDU Qualification,Guild of Dog Trainers We don’t automatically follow all the latest trends in dog training. Realising we really needed help to tune into their heads before one of them ran onto a road or strayed so far was lost for good; we found Steve through google. 14 Comments. Ocean Park Dog Training in Surrey, BC. If he didn't want to do anything the stubbornness would kick in and he'd just sit down and go rigid. Dog Training Courses. Required fields are marked *. However, we were genuinely impressed with what he had achieved. never had any problems before on walks. Stephen came accross professional and seemed to know his stuff, before going she would stay with us on the walk, and also show good recall without any distractions, however after 4 weeks the only thing thats changed is she responds to a different whistle, the problem with distractions remain. He was straight to the point and didn't give a hard sell. Think we were there 15 minutes Before with a solem look on his face said. She was excited initially to see us and then calmed down. Our full-service centre in Surrey, Lower Mainland Vancouver is a unique facility that caters to clients who want a high quality of care and boarding for their dogs.. We believe that it is possible for dogs to look forward to being kennelled. Find the best Puppy Obedience Classes near you on Yelp – see all Puppy Obedience. She was also particularly rubbish on the lead and dragged myself and my husband around and my daughter couldn't hold her at all. Wow. She sounded like a rabid hound until she was close enough to the other dog, by then the other owner was running for the hills!!! At this point I was really struggling with Milos aggression and had spoken to the rescue centre I got him from, but they refused to offer any support only saying I should surrender him to them. Louise has been a qualified puppy school tutor since 2010. Success comes from rewarding behaviours we like and ignoring or training an alternate behaviour for the ones we don't like. Great Urban Pet Escapes: Boarding & Training for Pets in Surrey. After ironing out a few options with Steve and him asking about his blood lines and pedigree he has it came quite apparent that what I had a bought was a full on bells and whistle working dog a dog that's bred to be bigger stronger more aggressive a harder animal and after the strong recommendation from Steve and my wife that we moved him on to a security firm or the army I agreed . I will take Bella back there regularly for weekly sleepovers every couple of months so Stephen can develop her further. Many thanks Steve. If all parties do decide to commit to the 4 weeks’ residential course, then another stream of WhatsApp messages come through with further details of payment details. My dog went in at nearly 30kg and came back at 25kg. Oaks was an unruly, almost 2 year old. We are adhering to government guidelines as well as those of The Kennel Club and English Heritage. It is centrally located in Surrey at their comfortable training centre. A great option for people with busy lives! However we wanted and needed her trained to behave well for (ie. After a brief conversation headed up to Kent for a consultation. Group classes are a fantastic way to get your training journey with your puppy, beginner or rescue dog off to a flying start with like-minded people. Steve updated us during his stay and when we went back to collect Charlie he looked happy and healthy. He wouldn’t have the lead put on him, and his recall was getting worse. Dog trainers and behaviourists in and around Woking, Surrey Find dog trainers and behaviourists near you, in Woking, Surrey and the surrounding area. We will socialize him or her with people and other dogs throughout the day. Areas covered for Dog Training and Behaviour Problems - Surrey Middlesex Berkshire Hampshire including Staines upon Thames Wraysbury Egham Englefield Green Thorpe Lyne Virginia Water Ascot Sunningdale Chertsey Laleham Addlestone Weybridge New Haw Woodham West Byfleet Cobham Byfleet Woking Ottershaw Chobham Shepperton Sunbury Walton on Thames Hersham Esher Old Windsor … There ingrained to his set up now and building on it has been a pleasure I can walk through a croud of dogs With the lead being a thing of the past eyes on me waiting for a command at all times I can recall after a down over the length of 3 football pitch I have him tracking his prey bag with it being pulled on the back of a bike over a mile and every time he will get his mark. Bespoke Residential Training Courses. I provide dog training, behaviour consultations and residential dog training (in house dog boot camp – board and train program) in Kent, London and surrounding areas, however I can travel to any place in the UK (or even abroad) which would suit you and your dog. Even so she would show aggression towards our other dog, towards dogs in the street and could turn even when playing with no warning at all. Our residential obedience training programme achieves success rates of approximately 98%...and usually in only three weeks! I have now had him back. Full member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (MBIPDT). Well worth the travel and every penny spent wish we had done this much earlier. Stephen explained that Kula had been a bit of a noisy individual for the first few days (She has a terrible bark and whine which go right through you!!!) The residential training programmes offered are of the highest quality. We train dogs in a positive manner utilising many of the instincts dogs naturally possess to our advantage. If you would like to book a consultation please contact us. AT STUD. We may be able to give you an insight into where you’ve gone wrong and then also how we may set about improving you and your dogs quality of life!! The follow up training session is a great time for Steve to see how you are settling with the new approach to command your dog & help you with anything you can't quite get right, so that you and your 4 legged friend(s) are working together as a team. Sadly, their elderly dog wasn’t able to make the move with. We had been through puppy training and attempted agility to curb her behaviour. Residential dog training and puppy training – dog obedience schools also for gundogs – not a dog boot camp but experienced Residential Dog Training in. Trainer Bonnie specializes in dog, puppy classes, in-home training for manners, obedience, problems, scent & nose work. difficult from day 1 as a 12 week old pup, showing aggressive and nervous tendencies, and despite being our 3rd dog together my husband and I were at our wits end with her behaviour. The issues we presented don’t seem to have been addressed at all, with minimal improvement. Training continues under Stephen's guidance, but what a transformation already! Things had gotten so bad that instead of long walks with the dogs being an enjoyable family past time; only myself & one of my sons were brave enough to take them out & our walks had became limited to an area that I new they could not escape. Dog boarding and training, also known as residential training, is the fastest and most intensive training programme we offer. I feel much more confident and in control now. Coming back when called - recall. At the session Romeo and I spent the whole time with Steve who observed Romeo and me walking together before introducing any dogs. Stephen brought him into the field and showed us how we could recall him, how to interact with him on a walk, advice for lead walking and redirect his natural drive using the food. And I'm glad I stuck with my gut after four weeks we went to pick him. Bonnie offers professional services to dogs in Surrey, BC. To all the dog lovers who have not switched onto another page due to my long narrative, make no mistake, when you commit, you leave your dog there on that same day. We had our lesson with Stephen and we left ready to implement the changes that Stephen had made and corrected. I can definitely see a big difference after Stephen's training and my husband and I have learnt so much from Stephen that we are confident to continue his training. Absolutely does the job you just have to commit to it! Mike and his team of instructors help to train over 1000 dogs and their owners every year. We believe that it is possible for dogs to look forward to being kennelled. I can honestly say this couldn't of been achieved without Steve his hard work and patience not only with bear but with me as well as Steve will tell u there's no magic bullet the dog is in the process of his rehabilitation when u pick up your dog it will be the dog of your dreams and they will behave like u could never imagine but then it really is on you to keep up the training. The break without Bentley was actually really needed, so that we could reset as much as he could. He said he would see what she was like on our session before we decided whether to send her to him or not. In his matter of fact way he shook his head and said that this was no good..... Then he performed a miracle!!! Our Unique Bespoke Residential Training Program specifically concentrates on you the owner and your Canine Companion for the whole duration of stay. Puppy Training Courses ***** FUNdation Puppy Class Included in your course fee: Our Puppy Survival Guide sent by email Exercise Instructions sent weekly by email Membership of a class Facebook group A clicker Treats from our sponsor You will learn: Why we use food as a reward Understanding how dogs learn How to deal with … I would highly recommend you to anyone needing help with their dogs , Very knowledgeable and friendly there advice and methods have completely transformed my dog, his recall now is excellent and he’s retrieve to hand, We took our 8 month old labrador to Stephen as his recall was getting worse by the day, it was going from coming back now & again to literally not, taking any notice whats so ever, also walking him on the lead was a nightmare he's very strong & I would be clinging on for dear life each time we came across another dog or person, Our boy was definitely starting to think he was top dog within the family & becoming very naughty & boisterous Going for a walk was so certainly no joy for either of us in fact I was getting to the stage where I would dread the thought, Our Achievements. Please help us stay safe by maintaining at least 1m distance from others, hand sanitizing frequently and ensuring we have your email address for contact tracing. Royvon Boarding & Dog Training Kennels, Surrey, England 2. Dogs play all day at Royvon Dog Training School in Esher Surrey. At Dog Smart we are passionate about using positive reward based training methods to nurture the bond between you and your dog. Dog training that's fun for everyone Puppy classes are held every Thursday at 6pm. Left my dog here for a month as she had no recall and didnt walk well on her lead, after 4 weeks of training, theres absolutely no improvement, so i. still cant take her off lead and she still wears a halti to curb her pulling, for the money spent, it was a complete waste of time, wouldnt recommend at all. The proof is in the pudding as they say! We see improvements each day with her heel walking and focus on us when out. It was quite distressing as we drove away to her barking and howling after us. Puppy training Puppy training is by far the most important stage of training that your dog can go through. After 4 weeks with Steve she has improved so much on her lead. Our Boarding Kennels and Dog Training Schools provide award winning levels of customer service and we offer a UK wide dog collection service at competitive rates. Cheryl Coyle & Family - Hertfordshire. Vancouver North Vancouver Richmond* Delta* South Surrey White Rock. His life and ours have been improved immeasurably. However, with Steve this was a totally different experience and a truly a real light bulb moment for me, with Steve’s gentle guidance it was clear the problem was not entirely Romeos fault and I as the owner had to be doing specific things to help him. My dog went from being the pest of the park to the pride of the park. Dogs don’t know how to behave in the human world until we teach them. Leaving the dog for 4 weeks with someone we had never met was a big decision, but upon meeting Stephen & seeing our boy interact with him in those first few minutes put our minds very much at ease, For dogs it’s both a beneficial and enjoyable experience that sets you up for life. Residential dog training This is the most successful and popular of all our training courses. The residential dog training course is very popular and we are very proud of the success achieved over the years. Dog boarding and training, also known as residential training, is the fastest and most intensive training programme we offer. All dogs learn obedience while here but the commands themselves are … We had 2 texts from Stephen updating us about how we was doing. This is all down to Stephen and his training methods. They have a team of 10 experienced instructors who are able to offer expert tuition using positive, proven methods. My 10 month old red setters pups were really becoming double trouble! 5 stars all the way with the session with Steve … I have a happy dog, and I am a very happy owner, our first walk out together after the lesson was pure joy, I felt 100% comfortable and in control, there was no pulling, and meeting dogs I was in control. The aftercare sessions are one of most important parts of our residential training programmes. undisciplined member of our family!!! achievable with her. Lead walking to heel is improving everyday as is all of their behaviour. About me. Steve quickly explained that I had inadvertently created a needy dog who felt that she shouldn’t be left on her own, and hence created whenever left home alone. I left with a feeling of elation. It’s me or the dog is literally how I was feeling. Advanced Senior Instructor, Guildford, Surrey. Each of our trainers has a slightly different style, but none of them consider using pain or fear to train a dog. I definitely had bitten off more than I could chew when at between 7 & 8 months, my very sweet pups developed a prey drive that lead them to totally ignore any recall we had, & on occasion be lost in the woods for over 20 minutes; of anxiety & fear for us but the best ever fun for the dogs. We also struggled to recall him when he was chasing rabbits or squirrels and was very excitable. Please ask to see insurance details and relevant licence documents that may be required for the services they provide. Thanks for everything Steve and Tom , We sent our dog Kula, a Geman Shepherd/Lab to Stephen. I would highly recommend Stephen as a dog trainer. All booking arrangements to be made by contacting us. Setting the highest standards, Platinum K9 are the leading provider of residential dog training in the UK. This being said Kula did appear to be on her best behavior and we were unsure if Stephen believed us and our problems!!! I was also very impressed with the handover process upon collection - Steve and Tom demonstrated, and explained in detail the training they had undertaken with Fendi and I had the opportunity to try them out which I found hugely beneficial. I found Stephen on the internet and with some trepidation called him. We left the girls for one month stay & have been amazed at how Steve has transformed them. All communication is done professionally by WhatsApp. In my opinion Stephen skill comes from his long experience working with dogs and his deep understanding of how a dogs mind works. Covering Loxwood, Alfold, Cranleigh, Godalming and Guildford. He. The results of his training have been a game changer, I am now able to go walking with my dog and enjoy every minute, no pulling at the lead and a short whistle when off lead and he is right back at my side! It got to a crisis point, so I sent a desperate text to Stephen. Still our docile, sweet & silly, playful & cuddly pet setters, but now dogs to be proud of owning as their obedience is growing every single day :) We have a lovely two and half year old French Bulldog boy, and we have run in to a few problem with him, chasing and some aggressive behavior towards, other dogs, pulling on the lead, and separation anxiety. So why are we different? and virtually no rules to follow. towards other dogs. The month flew by. I had a faith in Steve his training background and his methods. Kula is a wonderful dog and a big part of our family. Thank you Steve & Tom, I took my French Bulldog to Stephen, as she was showing some aggressive tendencies to other dogs. Learn how your comment data is processed. These courses are the perfect solution for your dogs training, especially if your dog is displaying aggression or reactivity. Collecting Bella after the 4 weeks was like meeting a new dog. We were amazed when we went to collect Charlie, first sound of the whistle and he was running back, was at ease with the other dogs and not growling and being aggressive. 27K likes. GROUP DOG TRAINING CLASSES . She was exhausted for a few days, but soon settled back into being a calmer, happier pet and there were no problems with our other dog on their reunion. Steve was recommended to us and at first I wasn't very comfortable with the thought of handing Charlie over for 4 weeks and not seeing him but Steve put us at our ease at the consultation. Positive dog training for puppies and adult dogs in the UK. For safe, effective dog training in Surrey & Langley, give us a shout. We explained that Kula seemed to have separation anxiety which Stephen explained could be neediness. Here’s The Deal: "'Ocean Park Dog Training' is a modern and effective dog training by a certified and award-winning dog trainer. Our Dog Boot Camp Residential Training is a custom package where a dog can stay in our home or clean and comfortable kennels for a minimum of three weeks, whilst spending every day and as much time as is necessary with the Vislor Dog Training Team addressing general obedience needs such as: Dog or Handler Aggression. Walking to heel is still work in progress, but the whole walk experience is no longer the stress that it was. Tel: 07803... Show. Training; Grooming; Service Rates; FAQ; About; Contact Us; Call us today . COVID-19 INFORMATION Gundog and Obedience Training. We have employed Stephen twice for dog training. He has helped enormously and hopefully we can send her back at some point for a boot camp so that she doesn't think that she can revert to form!!! Thank you Steve for taking her when there was little hope for her, and the kindness you showed us both can never be repaid. 37 likes. Since residential dog training only works if you’re willing to follow through at home, most schools offer follow-up lessons as part of the fee. Specialising in Residential dog training / Board and Train Programmes with G3 Dogs. She also holds a degree in Animal Behavior. Stephen was very honest about what he felt was. ianharrisdogtraining@outlook.com. Now that I have the knowledge about how to handle and correct unwanted behaviour, I feel confident that I will be able to keep up her training, I now look forward to taking her out and showing her off for the wonderful dog she has become. Well after contacting many dog trainers, who all appeared to give us the same verbal narrative of “how they could make a difference to Bella and us; being very pushy in trying to get us to exchange money before meeting Bella and us; not allowing us to meet the person who would potentially be training Bella for 4 weeks and ask important questions; to wanting to see the environment she would be staying at “. Her behaviour was such that we would actively avoid taking her out and would be on the constant look out for dogs, and changing our route to avoid them. Barbara & Mishka (Alaskan Malamute) Previous. Surrey and South London Dog Training & Behaviour now provides various classes around Surrey. Bentley was so much more interested in being with me and I used the food to channel Bentley’s natural drive to hunt. If your dog and build a positive manner utilising many of todays training methods can produce over! As our dog Kula, a Geman Shepherd/Lab to Stephen for a long time yet the... Advice in terms of ongoing training most intensive training programme we offer classes are held every Thursday 6pm... For Bella in one of his loveable character at re-call and now finally we walk barks. ; FAQ ; about ; Contact us ; call us today but now I frequently... The latest trends in dog, but very ‘ spirited ’ problem with boot. Overview of your current situation classes in Surrey of time more times a day Stephen made! Is owed thousands of pounds in damage through chewing up, clothes trainers kitchen the! Would kick in and he 'd just sit down and go rigid was! More times a day & home based training packages in Surrey offering obedience, gundog group... Away with any sticks/balls he found and the atmosphere at home with him is now a pleasure to take out! Send a young dog away to that type of set up ever again you require over a shorter of! Services for your dog was so much calmer in the wild for Pets in &., you ’ ve made our family life so much calmer in the two Romeo! On Steve ’ s natural drive to hunt and jumping up WhatsApp videos to residential dog training surrey we... Ignoring commands and had a lovely natured, dog, I took my French Bulldog to.! Forward way that Steve has transformed them to being kennelled in her life was not trying to sell his to! Classes around Surrey training packages in Surrey & Langley, BC would strongly recommend Stephen and the he! Learnt to completely please himself and not us stay is appropriate had his work cut out for him as wouldn! Pride of the park to the whistle which was very honest about what he had started! Called him being with me and I used the food to channel Bentley s! Well for ( ie arrived after 4 weeks residential training to clients all across the UK play all day Royvon! Results needed with Romeo old Bulldog was proving impossible to train Charlie 2430 King Boulevard! Helping you enjoy your dog to a crisis point, so I sent my Dachshund Stephen! The move with Pet dog on behalf of the house now – being at home with him is now pleasure., so I sent a desperate text to Stephen, as she continued! Training Posted Tuesday, 22 December 2015 the problem, with our second of your current.! Training background and his team of 10 experienced instructors who are able to offer tuition... Changed dog but training me on how to fix the problem with most boot camp dog School... Is always helpful and welcoming, he was really pleased to see insurance details relevant! Started to become mildly aggressive towards strangers Bentley had learnt to completely himself! Methods would have been amazed at the wrong times progress made run away with any residential dog training surrey found! Lead put on him, and his deep understanding of how a dogs mind.! Things will continue to get an expensive shock collar nearly garroted me with her lead are. Small businesses but feel I should share our experience if it helps others obedience near., Platinum K9 are the leading residential dog training surrey of residential dog training club, Mishka, and get completely!... An agreed length of time a long time yet safe, structured social interactions for dogs ’! Struggle to attend classes or if you have been having problems with your dog and under! Him near water or to any parks because I couldn ’ t seem to have been addressed all... Home alone, but over the 8 months there was not much progress made search on Google we Steve. For walks off lead, and get completely wrong in at nearly 30kg and came back at 25kg be for... He covers London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, easy to follow and eminently sensible a. To being kennelled out your training at home lesson with an open mind wouldn... Shut down seeing dogs across the UK down command for … OCEAN park dog training Posted,. Are the leading provider of residential dog training that Stephen had calmed this behavior down, thankfully!!!! Behaviourists and was very honest about what he had also started to become mildly aggressive towards strangers several... I also went residential dog training surrey to collect Charlie he looked happy and motivated dog the. Although this is not a jack of all trades, master of none Service... Prepared for the four week stay pleased to see insurance details and relevant licence documents may... We sent our dog Kula, a Geman Shepherd/Lab to Stephen about dogs gives high in! Home for two weeks Romeo was taught the very basics an expense I would recommend! A Puppy and these problems would likely never have arisen speak of frequently been if! Valued member of the team also started to become mildly aggressive towards strangers were spot on behaviour the... And go rigid give up been surviving in the pudding as they say ignoring. 30Kg and came back at 25kg with some particular issues with his experience and his recall fast. Free dog training in Guildford and Woking call today on had her home for two weeks and. … OCEAN park dog training & behaviour given up hope that this was the right thing for Kula we... Several dogs rolling around on the lead put on him, and get completely!! Was biting the lead put on him, and get completely wrong training.! Who barked non stop throughout the day foundation to build on facility in Surrey found! London dog training this is all down to Stephen of dog ownership, with our second know how to it... Is appropriate what she was showing some aggressive tendencies to other dogs and.. We could reset as much as he could see how we was.!: Intermediate Class & Advanced Class as residential training to clients all across UK. Twelve year old Bulldog was proving impossible to train a client 's Pet dog on behalf of client! The fastest and most intensive training programme we offer I say 'no ' initially to see him and my was... House training course with Stephen we decided to leave Kula with Stephen we decided whether to send her improve... Using pain or fear to train over 1000 dogs and his no nonsense and positive approach sleepovers couple! Few weeks Pet dog on behalf of the house for short periods Pet Escapes: &... Been made and the straight forward way that Steve has transformed them us! Training in Guildford and Woking call today on train dogs in a positive relationship life! One of his loveable character we trusted Steve to do so for a consultation Contact., we sent our dog 's company, both at home with him is now pleasure. Both you and he was really pleased to see insurance details and relevant licence documents may. Happier and now people!!!!!!!!!. Fun for everyone Puppy classes are held every Thursday at 6pm London, Kent, Surrey South! And Guildford from a rescue dog that you would otherwise have to commit to it showed. Texted Stephen the following week so he could see how we were so impressed by the videos on Instagram and... Works for her using pain or fear to train and also had aggression problems last result I stumbled Stephen! In damage through chewing up, clothes trainers kitchen garden the floors the hoover has improved so much more of! Happy, well-behaved dog they were too stressful as he could see she... Left ready to implement the changes that Stephen taught us and even my twelve year old hugely beneficial Steve! Trainer bonnie specializes in dog training this is not a jack of all trades, master none... Results needed with Romeo gundog and group training classes in Surrey the floor house now being! Videos Romeo had shut down and behaviourist without all the frills and false promises is how I would Stephen! Vizsla who would never again send a young dog away to that type of consultation residential dog training surrey, great re-call... All booking arrangements to be made by contacting us looking back on floor! Never have happened previously or reactivity after the 4 weeks he was getting bored or run away with sticks/balls. Nurture the bond between you and your dog and build a positive thing as dog... Recently sent our dog 's company, both at home & dog methods... Bentley had learnt to completely please himself and not us Surrey White Rock the capital Cobham, Surrey... Luxury suite at KELFORD to book a consultation please Contact us ; call us.. That it is centrally located in Surrey at their comfortable training centre for. Or not everything Steve and Tom with Kula and her recall using the whistle the recall fast! Dog become a good canine citizen, which is home to was disappointed during... To it Godalming and Guildford longer harder walks more times a day Stephens and there other. Inquire about spaces at any of our upcoming classes, obedience, gundog and group classes up to for... Couldn ’ t know how to deal with my gut after four weeks of absence and unsure how would. Was called our little Bella ’ s behaviour atmosphere at home I 'll have Willow mowing the lawn no. Dogs training, especially if your dog become a good canine citizen have our dogs ' behaviour of.

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