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Miss Tourism Lesotho 2015

NAME: Monyake Moluela
OCCUPATION: Events Coordinator and Model
INTERESTS: Travelling, cycling, writing poems and songs
AMBITION IN LIFE: To open a sports academy that can also serve as a recreational centre for the community

Welcome to my country………..LESOTHO!!!
Hi, my name is Monyake Moluela and I am Miss Tourism Lesotho 2015.
I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Lesotho. As a young lady who prides myself on my country, roots, heritage and culture, I will proudly carry the essence of Lesotho at every point through the competition. This could be through wearing national colours and merchandise, dispersal of locally produced handicrafts and maintaining the spirit of the Basotho nation, as the drive and motivation behind me. With my travelling experience, my range of spoken languages and my passion for life and exploration, I believe I could be a successful tourism ambassador providing international culture through diversity.
Come for a visit and see everything Lesotho has to offer for yourself.