After returning from the hot spring, it was decided that Firill, Lisa and Ren would be the ones to discuss with him the next day. After leaving Vritra, Shion and Jeanne in Charlotte's office, Yuu prepared to confront the approaching Ariella alongside Ren, Iris, Mitsuki, Kili and Tear. Before they could continue, the alarm sounded, warning everyone that 'White' Leviathan was approaching the island. Although confused by her antics, he came to the conclusion that she wished for them to get along better and agreed to have a heart-to-heart talk with her about the Ninth True Dragon and his own Authority. Following the destruction of the villa, Yuu and company relocated to a volcanic crater lake in order to plan their operation against Kraken Zwei. Instead of taking her into custody, Yuu let her go to be with her parents and warned her not to use her powers in front of other people again. Upon hearing that, Yuu promised to give her an answer during the school festival. To gain the strength to fight Kraken Zwei, she deliberately lets her body transform further into Basilisk. However, the battle was interrupted with the conclusion of the talk between Tear and Kili. While walking away, Yuu chanced upon Mitsuki, who had witnessed this scene. Mitsuki agreed on the condition that she would kill Iris if the worst came to pass. Additionally, Basilisk also possesses the power to see the future (though the future it sees can change due to the unpredictability of living things). However, she still retains Basilisk's authority, albeit she now has to use it through dark matter like the other Ds who've inherited a dragon's authority. Unlimited Fafnir (manga) ... Go back to Unlimited Fafnir main page. After joining his classmates, Yuu was forced to remain on standby while the rest of the Dragon Subjugation Squad dealt with Yggdrasil's expanding branches, allowing everyone to slowly approach the Dragon's main body. However, due to the fact that Zwei was closer to a Dragon than a human, Yuu's attempt to kill her was unsuccessful, leading to his incapacitation at the hands of the hybrid. After discussing tomorrow's schedule with Kili, Yuu was surprised and concerned to hear from her that Sleipnir had been deployed into this country along with Hreidmar, the originator of Yuu's Fafnir. Prior to the beginning of the series, her parents were killed in a car accident and she was adopted by Yuu's parents. Yuu's back contains various scars he has sustained from certain battles. According to Atla, pilots that have mental links with Marduk are called linkers. Before leaving, Charlotte informed him that the first possessor of Code Lost was named 'Colorless' Fafnir. After calling himself her best friend, Yuu was shocked when Charlotte offered to let him play with her breasts as a reward for his assistance during Midgard's invasion. Yuu accepted the deal and, after borrowing dark matter from Mitsuki, destroyed Hekatonkeir with an Anti-Dragon Armament. Juuou Mujin no Fafnir In the "unlimited school battle action" story, the world was transformed by the sudden appearance of monsters known collectively as dragons. After checking up on Mitsuki, Yuu rushed downstairs upon hearing the perimeter alerts go off and was alarmed when he heard from Haruka that multiple intruders were approaching the villa. However, they weren't yet siblings yet at that point (Mitsuki was adopted into the Mononobe family after her parents died in a car crash). Also known as Unlimited Fafnir, the series is based off a light novel written by Tsukasa (he or she is too intense for last names) in 2013 and still continuing to this day. Upon arriving there, Yuu borrowed dark matter fro, Yuu is informed by Tear that she can restore his memories. free humanity from Charlotte's control, no matter the cost. Although Jeanne was fearful of his reaction to this, Yuu assured her that their relationship wouldn't change, prompting Jeanne to burst into tears and embrace him. In this state, Yuu becomes a merciless killer, capable of exterminating any foe without exception. As the results of the test were positive, Yuu was allowed to join the Dragon Subjugation Squad. Or rather, that's what Yggdrasil wants him to think. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Although Iris was afraid, Yuu reassured her that if it came down to it, he would kill her himself, declaring himself to be the world's strongest assassin, much to Iris' amusement. Yuu encouraged her by stating that she would look very attractive in it, convincing her to try it on. His Fictional Armament was designed and named by Mitsuki. Shaking off his hesitation, Yuu created the Noah turret and launched shell after shell, but was unable to inflict significant damage and was soon left drained. It was sealed in Mitsuki by Yuu prior to the start of the series. Jeanne is actually a girl, and keeps the secret for four more volumes. Unlimited Fafnir. During Midgard's operation, Yuu was placed on standby and viewed both failed attempts to destroy Basilisk. Upon hearing a part of Ariella's harsh past, Yuu promised to listen to her story one day, before heading out to find Firill. Yuu has a rather strong and straightforward attitude, willing to do anything to protect his friends and family from harm, even sacrificing his memories for their sake. Upon locating them, he engaged them in combat, incapacitating half of them by utilizing his Fafnir persona, something which forced the rest to retreat. Although Yuu asked her to leave, Kili attempted to take things further by seducing him and asking him to make a baby with her, but was interrupted by Ariella's arrival. However, this was done in order to increase the number of counterdragons to prepare for Angolmois, the real. When she came to, Yuu hurriedly explained that he was not an intruder and that he belonged to NIFL. After regaining consciousness, Yuu noticed that Iris had been restored to her normal appearance, while Kraken Zwei had assumed the form of an ordinary young girl as a result of transforming into the same kind as him. Iris Freyja is one of the main female characters in the Unlimited Fafnir series.. its successfully destroyed the entire planet in the past. After Lisa left, Firill showed up, having heard everything, and promised him a reward, which turned out to be a ticket for the exclusive use of the island's hot spring. Technically, all of her bodies are this, as her real form exists in a higher dimension. Following that confrontation, Iris a, Iris kisses Yuu out of gratitude for saving her. After questioning Charlotte about her true identity, Yuu was surprised to find out that she was one of the Dragons, 'Gray' Vampire. The configuration of the barrier can be changed to either surround the entire ship or protect specific parts. a fragment of half of the eighth counterdragon, said knowledge being part of the second true dragon, gains the entirety of Code Lost (right before splitting most of it up with the others). Yuu was introduced in Volume 1, where he encountered a naked Iris Freyja on Midgard's beach. her parents tried to sell her off, but an anti-dragon organisation attacked the family. She's forced to work with Kili in order to investigate a threat to Yuu. In order to make this plan feasible, Yuu started practicing dark matter transfer with Ren for the purpose of generating enough Ether Wind to materialize Yggdrasil's soul. However, Yuu resolutely declared his belief that Kili was human due to the fact that he could kill her, promising not to reveal what she told him unless she chose to live as a dragon. While having a discussion with Ariella later on, Yuu received an urgent call from Charlotte, informing them that a number of unknown territories had appeared around the world along with a mysterious dragon-shaped lifeform, whom Tear identified as the Fifth True Dragon, 'Eternal Longevity' Bahamut. Tear hugs Yuu upon meeting each other again. However, their attacks proved insufficient against the Dragon. When Hraesvelgr started approaching, Yuu reconnected with Yggdrasil and, after finding the necessary data, formed the Psionic multi-barreled cannon, Noah by borrowing Mitsuki's dark matter. He can alter causality to kill any human (for example, he makes a drone explode in such a way that a piece of shrapnel kills one specific person) and to prevent his own death. ttacked Leviathan with her explosion and Yuu constructed an Anti-Dragon Armament by borrowing dark matter from Mitsuki. Leaving behind Firill, Tear and Lisa to watch over Vritra, Kili and the unconscious Jeanne, Yuu headed with the rest of the girls to a NIFL base. When Honoka Tachikawa and Tear Lightning were introduced in the school assembly one week later, Yuu stepped forward to calm the raging Tear and was surprised when the young D seemed to recognize him and declared him her husband. After discussing with Tear, Yuu managed to convince her to open up to her classmates. Synopsis Midgar, all-girl academy, would have been notable just for the action of accepting its first and only male student, Yuu Mononobe. Although momentarily relieved, Yuu was shocked when Vritra stated that his desire to protect Mitsuki stemmed from his instincts as a Counterdragon, thus calling his feelings for her into question. Following a brief discussion, Yuu allowed Jeanne, Kili and Lisa to accompany him and act as support. Kili used biogenic transmutation to give her these, to let her take over Yggdrasil. Upon discovering that someone had hacked its systems, Yuu and Tear rushed to the bridge while Tear neutralized the invader, who was revealed to be Atla, the machine intellect which once governed Atlantis, by Major Loki. In Volume 12, Firill tricks him into marrying her as Marduk flies over her country, making Yuu an example of this trope. She then gets turned into another Neun, the counterdragon meant to seal this particular true dragon. The next day, Yuu, along with Kili and the rest of the girls, went sightseeing around Erlia. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone was away, Yuu approached Vritra and pleaded with her to tell him what she knew about Iris' condition. Subverted, when it turns out that she's descended from Atlantean soldiers and has inherited their genetic enhancements. After listening to Mitsuki's tearful outburst, Yuu was contacted by 'Green' Yggdrasil, who offered him the power to destroy the Dragon in exchange for his memories. Iris stating to Yuu that she will recover his memories. After hearing that, Yuu encouraged Kili to try and get closer to Tear. After her transformation was complete, Tear started explaining everything about Counterdragons and True Dragons to Yuu, before Vritra took over, expressing her opinion that Yuu couldn't be Neun, the ninth Counterdragon, since the world was no longer able to produce Counterdragons capable of warding off the approaching ninth calamity. Due to the destruction of the lab, it was decided that Brynhildr Class would visit Yuu and Mitsuki's hometown, causing Yuu to feel anxious due to his lost memories. However, while practicing how to form a Fictional Armament with Lisa's help, Tear's deeply-rooted belief that she was a dragon caused her to manifest a dragon-shaped armament which went berserk. The next day, Yuu was congratulated by Major Loki for his performance and was promoted to the status of 'probationary classmate' by Lisa as thanks for his efforts. However, when angered, Yuu is capable of exhibiting powerful killing intent, something which is more prominent when he's under the influence of his Fafnir persona. After boarding Marduk and bidding everyone else farewell, Yuu and the rest of Brynhildr Class alongside Haruka set off. However, due to the fact that Loki's ability to interfere with causality was higher than his, Yuu was completely outmatched, suffering several injuries while being unable to retaliate. When Tear discovered him, she asked Yuu to join her in the bath as 'punishment'. While Yuu had the choice to either spare or kill his opponents, he never went as far as to murder anyone, no matter how difficult the mission was. Yuu thanked her and proceeded to pat her head upon her request, expressing his admiration for her hard work. It actually made the deal with the intention of usurping control of his body, as a weapon to fight Angolmois. After explaining the situation to Iris, he was surprised when she resolutely declared that she would find a way to retrieve his memories, even if it meant she had to defeat Yggdrasil. However, at the same night, Hekatonkheir suddenly appeared in Midgard. Top 15 Juuou Mujin No Fafnir Strongest Characters - YouTube Yuu thanked her and apologized, but was concerned with Ariella's response. At that moment, Kili appeared, revealing that Yggdrasil had captured Vritra and was currently using her as an energy source. It transformed Miyako into another one of its own kind and impregnated her with what would eventually become Kraken Zwei. When Vritra showed up and explained the nature of this darkness, along with the fact that he had sealed it inside Mitsuki and that she would be consumed by it, Yuu ignored her warnings and rushed to Mitsuki, using his Authority to suppress the ninth calamity. Although Charlotte requested for Yuu to kill her before going through with this, Yuu refused, stating that there was another way. She once had the power to recreate the planet, though in the present, she's not capable of doing it again. After greeting Charlotte with her nickname at her insistence, he bore witness to the squabble between Charlotte and Mica, which ended with Charlotte being forced to return to work. Following Mitsuki’s inability to kill her with her antimatter arrow, Yuu led the girls in trapping Zwei inside a mithril-covered hole. However, she accidentally tackled him into the bed due to her embarrassment, but this didn't stop Yuu from looking at her and declaring that she was indeed pretty. In her mind, Yuu's guilt over killing Loki means he's thinking of his former CO more than her. Changing the subject, Lisa explained to Yuu her findings about Yggdrasil and the state of Yuu's mind. The following day, Hekatonkheir indeed appeared in Nanato City and started destroying it. Due to the fact that he was unwilling to fully surrender to his Fafnir persona, Yuu found himself in a severe disadvantage and was wounded. The following day, Yuu watched the introduction of Kili, Vritra, Jeanne and Shion to the rest of the school assembly, feeling somewhat disheartened with cross-dressing Jeanne's popularity with the rest of the students compared to him. When they started conversing about the possibility of Iris becoming a Dragon, Yuu vehemently declared that Iris was human. "Then eat the whole fruit now." A major in NIFL, and Yuu's former superior officer. Although Yuu usually restrains himself from killing anyone, he has been shown to not hesitate in going for the kill in several occasions. After being almost killed by Loki, he learns how to use Ether Wind on his own body. While washing her hair, Yuu was informed by Tear that she had been unable to find any information about the seventh calamity due to the fact that Kiskanu's plant network had been destroyed to such an extent that no recording or analysis was possible. A member of Brynhildr Class and of the Dragon Subjugation Squad, and Ren's older sister by adoption. However, just like with anti-gravity, Yuu is unable to bring out power on the level of Hraesvelgr. In Volume 10, Yuu and company made their way to Charlotte's office in order to protect her from NIFL's invading forces. After everyone gathered back at the ship, Haruka informed them that NIFL would execute their operation tomorrow and that Basilisk's ability had been identified. See more ideas about unlimited fafnir, anime, anime girl. He also promised Ren that he would definitely persuade Ariella to become the same kind as him. Upon spotting the attackers, Yuu injured one of them, but was surprised to find out that they were humanoid drones. Two weeks later, Yuu was shocked to learn from Haruka that both Yggdrasil and Hekatonkheir had disappeared after engaging in combat. When the two of them were left alone, Yuu questioned her about the reason NIFL and Ariella wished to eliminate her, while also bringing up the fact that Major Loki and her father had identical appearances. This will eventually allow it to take over Yuu. Eventually, it was decided that they should attempt to persuade Zwei first, with Yuu, Jeanne and Haruka being selected for this mission. While Yuu was half-conscious, Loki revealed that he had lied about the girls dying. While preparing for the operation against Bahamut, Yuu was put in a tight spot when everyone started questioning Firill's close proximity to him, forcing him to make up an excuse on the spot. That night Mitsuki came to Yuu's cabin discussing about the upcoming operation, the two hugged and promised to protect each other and come back alive. It is not actually a counterdragon, but is a dark matter construct made by Vritra - essentially her fictional armament. 16, female, 5.82 (12), hair intakes Hair intakes are a style of hair that creates twin forward-facing scoops, oftentimes in the form of hair bangs/fringe. That is because Yuu has a clear image of what he wants to construct due to having detailed blueprints of weapons downloaded into his mind by Yggdrasil. Upon realizing that he was still alive due to Hraesvelgr's Authority residing in his heart, Yuu fully activated it and stood up enveloped in Ether Wind, piercing through Loki with his hand. When asked by Haruka, Yuu expressed his opinion that they should intercept them, declaring that he would not lose to them as long as they were humans. Taken further when it's revealed that it had transformed Miyako into another Kraken, only for her to grant Mitsuki the authority that allowed her to kill both Krakens. He thus "mates" with every girl in his school to protect them from being claimed by other Dragons. He also resolutely stated that he would do whatever it took to end Mitsuki's battle against the dragons (which she used as penance for her act of killing Miyako), declaring that he would not give up on her happiness. A member of Brynhildr Class and of the Dragon Subjugation Squad, and a princess of the Principality of Erlia. Originally killed by Kraken, it is resurrected by Angolmois in Volume 12. He then proceeded to call their classmates, asking them to gather at the beach in order to have fun. Charlotte examined his dragon mark and tried to rope him into joining her to peek at girls, much to his embarrassment. As a result of using Ether Wind at that time, Yuu also gained access to Ariella's memories, realizing that everything she had done was for the sake of the children she had befriended while in the dragon-hating organization. Hehe, I'll be more than happy to tell you, and what better way to start than with the main character, or as I like to call him, Harem Protagonist #5. As Yuu's mind flashed back to the accident that killed Mitsuki's parents, Ren came running, yelling that she couldn't find Ariella anywhere. It inherited its authority from "Silver" Tiamat, which was originally created to oppose its correspondign true dragon. Its third eye's attack is extremely powerful, but can only be used continuously for five seconds. When Mitsuki noted that Iris' explosion was something that Ds could not do normally, Yuu suggested that Iris use this ability as a method of attack. Just as the two were about to kiss in the heat of the moment, Yuu received a call for Kenya Miyazawa, who requested his presence at his underground lab. This also applies to Yuu, who mates with his classmates and turns them into the same counterdragon as him, which doesn't transform them because he's physically a human being too. After having fun in various attractions, Yuu was approached by Ariella, who explained to him her and Ren's past with Kenya Miyazawa. Yuu prepares to head out in order to rescue Ariella. In Volume 8, following a call from Kenya Miyazawa, Yuu and his classmates were forced to relocate to a mountain villa in order to protect those whose dragon marks had changed color from NIFL, bringing the restrained Vritra with them. When he approached her with the intent of helping her, Kili gave him the cat (which was later named Ohagi) and warned him that the next day, Hekatonkheir would attack the city, much to his confusion. When Tear woke up, Yuu brought her to the beach in order to discuss with her. At that moment, Yuu's true nature as a Dragon awoke out of a desire not to lose Iris, allowing him to mark both her and Kraken Zwei as his mates, before passing out after grabbing Iris' hand. After one of the Hreidmars was killed due to an unmanned weapon's mysterious detonation, Yuu approached Loki, asking the girls to stay back. Afterwards, the two of them rendezvoused with the rest of the Dragon Subjugation Squad in the Great Waterfall of Erlia. Upon arriving at the destroyed building, Yuu was relieved to see that everyone was fine, but was shocked when he saw that Iris' body was exhibiting signs of Dragon transformation. While guarding Iris, Yuu was forced to endure several stimulating situations, ranging from Iris entering the bath to wash his back to the two of them sleeping in the same bed. Although reluctant at first, he eventually shared with Iris the fact that, while he considered Mitsuki to be the one dearest to him, it was possible that those feelings originated from his instinct as a Counterdragon, stating that he would find the answer eventually. Code Lost: A part of the scrapped Authority of 'Colorless' Fafnir, which was implanted into Yuu by Loki Jotunheim by using Yuu's blood mixed with poison in order to kill other holders of the scrapped factors. The purpose of Code Acht is to assimilate all of humanity, keeping them from destroying the environment with their technology. In Volume 13 Yuu shows the ability to form weapons using Ether Wind much like a Fictional Armament. After entering a mirror maze, Yuu confronted Jeanne and demanded for Tear to be returned. After Loki gave Yuu some information about Hreidmar, he declared to him that he would do whatever it was necessary to prevent an increase in Dragons, prompting Yuu to rush back to the villa. He joins Midgard at the beginning of the series. Thanks to Yuu's words, Shion accepted her name, although he was embarrassed when Mica teased him about having obtained a wife and a daughter. After it became known that Basilisk was approaching Midgard in Volume 3, Yuu was informed by Mitsuki that he would probably not participate in the operation against the dragon, much to his surprise. In Volume 11, Yuu moved back to Mitsuki's dorm alongside the rest of his friends, thanking Charlotte for everything. Thanks to Tear's newfound abilities, the Dragon Subjugation Squad was able to approach Yggdrasil's main body and inflict damage on it unobstructed. However, unlike most Ds who can generate at least 10 tons of Dark Matter, Yuu can only materialize up to 10 kilograms after conversion. The next day, Brynhildr Class headed to an amusement park in Tokyo, where Yuu was surprised to find out that everyone apart from him had talked with Ren at some point. A mysterious "D" and the leader of the Sons of Muspell, a terrorist cult that reveres dragons. While everyone was heading for the exit, however, Tear was abruptly abducted by Jeanne, with Yuu chasing after them. After dancing with Tear, Iris, Mitsuki and Lisa, Yuu sought out Kili again. Yuu proceeded to join with the rest of the Dragon Subjugation Squad and engaged Vritra's dragon stand-in in battle. After killing Basilisk, Iris inherits its authority. While waiting for the right moment to deploy his Anti-Dragon Armament, Yuu realized that Hekatonkheir was a diversion and hurried back to Tear's location. She later gains Code Neun as well after Yuu transforms her. Yuu and Charlotte struggle to control their Authorities. There, Yuu was informed that he would attend Midgard as a student, much to his surprise. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Juuou Mujin no Fafnir on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. After bringing the two of them home, Kili informed Yuu that she had been attacked by the Kraken's offspring, Kraken Zwei. She is the origin of Ds and the "mother" of Kili. The operation was successful and Basilisk was destroyed. Shortly afterwards, they were attacked by Sleipnir, led by Ariella, and were thrust into a difficult battle due to Sleipnir's abnormal abilities. Although Major General Dylan was confident that the Mistilteinn bomb would destroy the dragon, everyone was shocked when Basilisk evaporated it by using an enhanced version of Catastrophe. At that moment, an alarm sounded, with Kenya announcing that Yggdrasil's branches were extending, expanding its interference range. Vritra had to recreate the planet using dark matter afterwards. After Charlotte announced her intent to hold a festival and Shion expressed interest in participating, Yuu and the rest of the class decided to help out with Haruka's yakisoba stall. Most of the ancient weapons Yuu creates seem to be named after Mesopotamian deities and cities. Another downside is that using these armaments completely drains Yuu, leaving him unconscious for a while. Although surprised, Yuu explained to her that he liked someone else, only to be stunned by Tear's declaration that she would pursue Yuu and make him fall in love with her. On the day of the festival, Yuu was in charge of preparation alongside Lisa, praising her beauty. In Volume 12, following the incident on the beach, Yuu revealed to the rest of Brynhildr Class, Mica and Haruka his status as the Ninth Counterdragon and the fact that the Ninth True Dragon was lurking within Mitsuki. However, before Zwei could kill him, she was interrupted by the arrival of a further dragonified Iris, who engaged Zwei. Siegfried is the name of the main hero from The Song of the Nibelungs, an old German epic poem. However, Iris' enhanced Catastrophe was blocked by the Sixth True Dragon, 'Anomalous Dawn' Nyarlathotep, who suddenly appeared on the battlefield. In order to figure out a way to destroy Bahamut before their second confrontation with it, Yuu had a discussion with Vritra, Mitsuki and Iris to brainstorm ideas. - Unlimited Fafnir, a weird as fuck typical anime similar to Black Bullet except unironically having the main character getting intimate with the 'dragon lolis'. Although he now understood her circumstances, Yuu expressed his hope that Tear would choose to live as a human. Main Title: Unlimited Fafnir . After Jeanne led Yuu to them, he demanded an explanation from Kili, who advised him that fighting Yggdrasil with their current method was futile and revealed the truth behind Hekatonkheir's origins. While touring the school festival with Lisa and Tear, Yuu encountered Major Loki, who asked for a word with him.