After our 1,500-pound goal, the Alde system was the number one thing on our ‘must have’ list. How did you come to the decision that a separate bathroom was not required for the 620? That single 20-pound propane tank will last a long time, especially in a smaller camper like the 620. “The Cirrus 720 is a one-of-a-kind Cirrus camper that features modern, radius, residential-styled cabinetry and technologically advanced Aluminum-Coosa hybrid structure. Scott: Actually, the 620 comes standard with the same solar package we include on the Cirrus 820. The Cirrus 620 features a T-shape rear-profile. The opportunity to breathe life back into a fairly dull, if not forgotten, sector of the RV industry was appealing. As with all of our units, we incorporate many things typically viewed as optional into our standard build. Here the bowl is shown turned in its stowed position. The 620 appears to have exactly the same thermal pane acrylic windows found on the 820. Does the mid-dinette convert an adult-size sleeping area? The Cirrus 620 is a hard side, non-slide, toilet only truck camper for short or long bed trucks. It was certainly the best table option for the 620. For now we are taking Cirrus at their word about the 2,540 pounds dry weight of the 820. With 6-foot short beds you can close the tailgate. If you don’t have a truck with that feature, you can use a small three-step ladder. For further information on this model, check out the 2021 Cirrus 820 Updates, the original Cirrus 820 Announcement and Cirrus 820 Review. We restructured the roof to reduce the weight of the unit. When my wife recently saw the second 620 prototype she said, “I can see what you’re so excited about.” I’m hoping to make that camper my own. I really didn’t want to come out with a camper with a 9-gallon fresh tank and no grey capacity. Why did you choose that design approach? Despite the early success, the Cirrus had to be further refined. Was that feature on the drawing board from the beginning, or did it evolve through the development process? Before you had to remove anything on top of the hamper deal with the long door. Cirrus Truck Campers are an award-winning innovative truck camper that is redefining luxury for the truck camper market. Everything goes from fit to form to function. about how the AVIA is refining the camping experience. With its modern, forward-thinking aesthetics and unique partner systems, the Cirrus was designed to revolutionize the truck camper as we know it. In the 620, that includes: a robust solar package, electric jacks, the FROLI sleep system, backup camera, smartCamp control and a cassette toilet. In the initial photography, there didn’t appear to be a stereo system, built-in speakers, or even a television. From prototype zero, we typically build two additional prototypes. Readers reveal 14 dream truck campers for our floor plan In this prototype, we build a wood-framed and walled version with a fully planned out interior. Brent: I actually started here in Sugarcreek, Ohio when I graduated from school over 35 years ago. The sink and cooktop might represent the most compact kitchen arrangement in the marketplace. Teased earlier this … Brent: Yes, my entire childhood was involved with RV camping. When will the Cirrus 620 be available at nuCamp dealerships? This model comes with so many feature items that people love. Scott: Yes and no. The prized half-ton hard side truck camper market is starting to heat up! Scott: The Cirrus 720 and 620 shared the same design objective; to create a hard-side camper that’s capable of payload matching half-ton trucks. Some customers may not want the cassette toilet. It also offers a north-south bed. This will create a cross pull between the anchor straps to help maintain tension on the straps during travel. We love to see industry leaders go truck camping. It also offers access to the water pump and mixing valve. We made sure to send it through comprehensive testing in a heat/cold chamber so that it could be used year round. The Alaskan 7 Cabover has a pop-top built with a sturdy wall construction as well as a hydraulic mechanism which raises and lowers the camper’s top using a switch flip. Some have even achieved the elusive objective with varying approaches to minimalism and extreme light-weight construction, but no company has completely run away with the market. Cirrus has made some amazing changes from the 800 to the 820. It’s the perfect area to have the controls as you can easily reach them from the cabover. That would be fantastic. We couldn’t help but notice the cabover hamper-style storage lids are split, just like David Pellegrini’s October 2017 modification in his Cirrus 820. Scott: Yes, the 2021 Cirrus 620 features the Nautilus P3 water management system. We are very excited about the internal anchoring system that we have incorporated for the 620. Brent: Removing and reinstalling a tailgate is cumbersome. We also removed accent pieces that were featured in the 720 version. Brent, how did you come to work at nuCamp? Brett: One 20-pound vertical propane tank is located on the driver’s side rear. That’s confirmation for us. That’s relatively close to a traditional twin bed. You could also use a hitch step if your installation removes the tailgate. With a 5.5-foot bed, like my own personal Ford F-150 has, you can leave the tailgate on, like a back porch. Find one near you, ask a question, get the best price, and read reviews to see what others have said. Prototype to prototype, we made more fine-tunings until the production version is complete. The Ohio-based company says that the new short-bed camper will weigh less than 1,500 pounds dry … From the 100% aluminum framed body, you’ll notice the impeccable craftsmanship behind the Cirrus Truck Camper. And that’s not the whole story behind this new model. It’s part of our identity. The Cirrus 620 weighs only 1,491 pounds dry making it an excellent payload match for most half-ton pickups. nuCamp RV debuts the Cirrus 620, an all-new hard side, non-slide, short bed truck camper targeting half-ton trucks. nuCamp RV is reporting the base dry weight of the Cirrus 620 at 1,491-pounds. From that research, the T-shape rear profile became obvious. Above: The 2021 Cirrus 620 loaded on a Ford F-150. Each camper is built with the highest industry standards, which you’ll be able to tell from the moment you walk in the door. Should we be expecting to see an updated Cirrus 920 next spring? We were able to reduce the amount of material in the basement and cabinetry to reduce a good amount of weight. Scott: That was a discussion point, but the cassette toilet is a standard feature. Holiday RV is your small town dealer with big city selection. Over the next decade, the company focused on building innovative teardrop camper trailers of different sizes and with different features. From nuCamp, the Cirrus 920 truck camper is definitely a model that is quite luxurious. This would also be the case for unloading. Of course the half-ton weight requirement varies considerably depending on who you ask. The 620’s dinette employs the Lagun table leg system. Use the similar models section to … This particular truck camper is quite different from what most truck campers are like. Latest: Camper Nose Rebuild and Crossword Puzzle. With the rapidly expanding landscape, including it as standard equipment is something we are exploring. If you want to see a 620, it’s almost time. Scott: It was something we talked about from the beginning of the 620’s design process. But where the Cirrus 720 failed, the brand-new Cirrus 620 succeeds. But building-out rigs isn’t just about properly matching a truck camper with a truck—as critically important as that is—it’s the process of making the truck more capable and dependable.